The Department of Microbial and Plant Biotechnology is dedicated to understanding how plants, animals and microorganisms interact and respond to their environment. Multidisciplinary research at all organizational levels, from molecules and cells to whole organisms, is ensured by 11 groups that provide excellence in both, fundamental and applied science. Main research interests include interaction between plants and their abiotic and biotic environment, management of insect pest populations, contaminant bioremediation, and production of chemicals from biomass or industrial wastes in biorefineries. The significance of the research developed in our Department is reflected in highly-cited publications in leading journals, as well as in collaborations with other scientists from institutions all over the world. In this scenario, the Department of Environmental Biology constitutes a unique entourage for graduate students to perform their Ph.D. thesis. Our commitment to the future is to further develop national and international leadership in integrated environmental studies of plants and microorganisms, and to maintain a stimulating, competitive ambiance for talented young scientists.