Spectroscopy Laboratory facilitates the application of various spectroscopic techniques to the Center´s research groups. The equipments in the Facility are: - Uv-vis spectrophotometer Cary 4000 Precision, Varian. - Milton Roy Spectrophotometer 1201. - Spectropolarimeter (dichrograph) Jasco J720. - Spectropolarimeter (dichrograph) Jasco J815. - Spectrophotometer Fourier Transform Infrared. Jasco FT/IR-4200 - Modular Spectrofluorimeter Fluorolog, Jobin Yvon – Spex. - Luminescence spectrometer Perkin Elmer LS 50 B - Turner Designs Luminometer TD-20/20 - Modular ´stopped flow´ system, Bio-Logic. (Room S17) - Dn-1000 differential refractometer, WGE Dr Bures (Now in the lab 308) - Microplate reader Polarstar Galaxy. - Varioskan Flash microplate reader (Thermo Scientific) (Room 377)



Spectroscopy facility assists users with the handling of equipments and provides formation for instruments operation. The Facility offers assistance to every kind of user, from assistance in the use of a particular instrument to the design of experiments to address a particular problem.

Moreover, the facility supervises the maintenance of the different equipments assuring that they are always in good operation.

For questions about the Spectroscopy Facility contact Ruth Matesanz by phone (#4390) or in the email address espectroscopia"at"cib.csic.es