Flow cytometry service is designed with the aim of support necessities of research groups employing this technique.

In order to achieve  this objective we work in the facility at three different levels:

1- Experimental approach and design of analytic and cell sorting assays

2- Users training for management of analytical cytometer

3- Data analysis  


At this moment the service is equipped with two analysers, EPICS XL and FC500 and a FACS Vantage cell sorter,  as well as complementary facilities for samples and results management (epifluorescence and phase contrast microscopes, tissue culture hood, analytical software, etc). The most frequent applications carried out are:

  • Cellular immunophenotyping
  • Cell viability studies
  • Analysis of mitochondrial membrane potential
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Cellular signaling
  • Detection of reactive oxygen species (ROS)
  • Monitoring of intracellular pH and Ca2+ fluxes
  • Cell sorting in the applications described above


Staff Scientists
Pedro Lastres Varo
Patricia Yagüe Fernández

More Info


Analysers (XL y FC500)

            -CIB and Universidad Complutense de Madrid: 14 €/hour

            -Public Research Institutions: 21 €/hour

            -Others (private companies, no public research institutions): 28 €/hour

Cell Sorter FACS Vantage

- CIB and Universidad Complutense de Madrid: 26 €/hour       

-Public Research Institutions: 39 €/hour

 -Others (private companies, no public research institutions): 52 €/hour


(In all cases charges will be billed for periods of 30 minutes)