The Gas Chromatography facility was created in 1988 in order to fulfill the needs of CIB and external users. This technique allows the separation, identification and quantification of volatile analytes.

Some routine analyses performed at the Chromatography Service are:

  • TMS derivatives/oximes of carbohydrates
  • Alditol acetates
  • Trimethylsilyl derivatives of several compounds
  • Volatile fatty acids
  • Essential oils
  • Steroids
  • Polihydroxialcanoates

Other protocols can be set up on users demand.


  • Gas chromatograph 7890A (Agilent) equipped with a Flame Ionization Detector, Thermal Conductivity Detector, autosampler (150 vials) and Headspace Sampler 7697A (Agilent).
  • Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry system (GC-MS) 7980A-5975C from Agilent for analysis of volatile samples of low molecular weight and autosampler (150 vials).
  • Sample Prep WorkBench 7696A (Agilent).