The glasshosue at CIB is conveniently located in its surrounding garden area. It consists of eight independent cubicles for the maintenance of plants, in addition to a common working and control area at its entrance. Two of the cubicles (Nos 7 and 8) are prepared and authorised for working with transgenic material at biosafety containment level 1 (resolution A/ES/05/I-11 from the former Spanish Ministry of the Environment, dated 06-03-2006). Each cubicle contains four benches, with the exception of cubicles 7 and 8, which contain three benches each.

Control of environment parameters inside the glasshouse is provided by an electric central heating system, four heat-cold air condition pump systems and ten standard support air condition coolers. Environment regulation in the facility is also helped by motorised ventilation windows and shade screens. All cubicles are fitted with support lighting. Support lighting can be programmed for defined time intervals or when light sensors detect that the intensity of natural light falls below a defined threshold. Temperature settings can be programmed independently in each cubicle, and inside the cubicle, support lighting can be independently programmed for each bench.


Personnel from CIB is in charge of performing periodic phytosanitary treatments, specific treatments requested by the users of the facility, and monitoring the proper run of the glasshouse facility. Glasshouse users are autonomous and must provide their own metarials (soil, pots, fertilizer), which they can store in the glasshouse.

The facility is open to external users.

For reservations of the service please contact the person in charge (year 2013: Dr. Tomas Canto, ext. 4223).



Technical Staff
Luis Manuel Guaita Beneit