The Library of CIB is considered the reference library in Spain within the area of biology and biomedicine for its excellent collection, in print and online, in magazines and other serials (1,367 titles, 50 open) and monographs (11,010 volumes). It is integrated into the CSIC Library Network, contributing to the interlibrary loan network and maintenance-CSIC Bibliographical Catalogue.

CSIC Virtual Library (Primo) allows you to search across all CSIC Libraries and Archives Network collections (Print+online), and institutional Digital-Repository. You can also access them through the A-Z lists of e-journals, e-books and databases. Through the Service CSIC PAPI, all e-resources are accessible off-campus.

• Among the Library collection it is worth noting the legacy of Dr. Gregorio Marañón, consisting on 1150 scientific and humanistic articles, digitized in 2008. 1340 books from his private library are included in CSIC-Bibliographic-Catalogue (search “Leg. Marañón”). Please, read rules and rates, and send the application form.

Digital.CSIC: deposit of digital documents in open-access, resulting of intellectual production from the research activities of the CSIC. Archive Service Officer (SAD) provides users more facilities for this deposit.

Intranet-CIB: (available only for internal users). List of links to e-journals, e-books and Database of CSIC and CIB and other e-resources and tutorials and updated news of internal interest. Request for documents/GTBib.

• Library services: access to the document / Interlibrary Loan (PI), Personal Loan Service and Reference, Application access to PAPI, etc.


More Info

• Reading room: Very spacious and bright, it has 20 places for reading with wi-fi. Fascicles of current year CIB-suscribed magazines were exposed, as well as books published since 1995. The rest of the funds are located in a bookstore with 3200 m of shelves. (Access-card to CIB-users, 24/7).

• Private offices (only for CIB-researchers). • Reprographic Service: belonging to the Library, is provided with 2 B/W photocopier and 1 other in color, 2 binders and 2 cutters. Users of other CSIC institutes: showing written authorization from your library. External users: 0.6 Euros / Copy (Conditions imposed by law).

Opening hours:

8.30 - 19.30: Personal attention for internal users. (Access-card entry, 24/7).

9.00 - 14.30: External users (direct entry, c / Ramiro de Maeztu, 9).

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