CIB library is considered the reference library in Spain in Biology and Biomedicine for its multidisciplinary collection: 1,367 printed titles of journals and series (30 open) and 11,010 books, as well as all CSIC resources. It is integrated into the CSIC-Libraries-Network by contributing to the interlibrary loan, to the maintenance of the CSIC Bibliographic Catalog of the Network and the maintenance of OA digital repository.

Virtual Library (Primo): simultaneously searches in all resources subscribed by the printed and electronic CSIC, in others free, in the funds of the bibliographic catalogs and archives, and in the institutional repository Digital.CSIC, giving access to the different options of results from SFX included document request.

E-Resources-CSIC: web-portals of e-journals, e-books, bibliographic databases, A-Z lists of journals, bibliographic managers. Remote access to all e-resources via PAPI service  is no longer necessary. Recognition is done through authentication-CSIC.

Digital.CSIC: digital repositories of open access archives of the research activity of the CSIC. The Delegated File Service (SAD) provides researchers with such a deposit. URICI (CSIC-Libraries-Network)  through the Technical Office of DC, provides funding for the open access publication of results of CSIC authors.

Legacy of  Doctor Gregorio Marañón. Documentary background: (1100 scientific and humanistic works, bound in 34 volumes and digitized, as well as 1400 books of his private library). CSIC-Bibliographic-OPAC (search by: Signature: Leg. Marañón) Requests for research purposes: read Rules and rates and submit form.

El Dr. Gregorio Marañón en su biblioteca  

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Library Services:

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  • Reading room: Spacious and bright. 20 reading positions.Wi-fi access. Exhibition of magazines and monographs (since 1995), news and reference works.
  • Store of bibliographic funds: 3200 m of shelves in free access to users-CIB, 24/7.
  • Single Offices (3): for CIB users, prior reservation.
  • Reprography Service: Library Dependent. 2 copiers BN/scanner + 1 in color. Binding machines and binding material. Copy fees: CIB (0.03 € / copy). CSIC: Authorization of the own library. External: € 0.06 / copy. See legal conditions.
  • CDteca: collection of CDs of scientific and office software.
  • Flying books: Permanent exhibition of books in donation.