• MACBET is a thematically focused intramural CIB Research Program.
  • Mission: Generate knowledge on macromolecular machines & translate it into resources that improve quality of life.rad

Proteins are fundamental players in life. Advances in molecular biology have revealed a scenario in which most processes of biological significance rely, rather than on single proteins working individually, on the action of large polymeric protein assemblies, or on protein ensembles that team up to provide an orchestrated output, be it a signaling pathway of biomedical relevance, a metabolic network of applied interest or the cells’ cytoskeleton.

Understanding, targeting and, potentially, rewiring these macromolecular machines demands integrative approaches in which modern structural biology, computational analyses, quantitative cell biology and drug design are combined with more classical disciplines such as physiology, genetics, biophysics and biochemistry.

MACBET fosters collaborations between CIB groups aiming to address problems whose complexity exceeds the capabilities of single disciplines.

MACBET is structured in three Research Clusters:

A. Functional Understanding of Macromolecular Machines

Deciphering the mechanisms that govern how macromolecular machines and their master regulators work.

B. Macromolecular Machines in Disease

Understanding diseases involving macromolecular machine dysfunctions by integrating pathophysiology with proteomics, quantitative cell biology and structural studies.

C. Engineering Microbial Machines

Redesigning macromolecular machines understood at atomic level; synthesizing and reshuffling gene combinations to create novel protein ensembles with applied purposes.