"No plants no life"
16 Jun 2017
Children's information workshop on the importance of plants

On May 18, Prof. María del Carmen Risueño, from the Department of Environmental Biology, developed the workshop "No plants no life" in the Children's House Casarrubuelos I.

Organized as part of the International Day of Plant Fascination, and addressed to 3-year-old children, she discussed with them the main characteristics of plants, what they need to live, how they grow, what parts are composed and their importance as the basis of life, for producing food, manufacture of clothes, furniture and other objects of daily use, perfumes, medicines, etc. And their interaction with the environment.
In addition, in the same class, a small laboratory was set up where the children could check for themselves the differences between the parts of the plants and other characteristics of the highlighted ones during the talk.

The International Day of Plant Fascination celebrated its fourth edition on 18 May 2017 under the umbrella of the European Plant Science Organization (EPSO). It aims to raise awareness among people around the world about the importance of research in plants for agriculture, the sustainable production of food and all of the non-food products as well as its role for the conservation of the environment.

Pictures in the school
Children during the workshop. The small lab.