Students from I.E.S. Arturo Soria visit CIB
09 Feb 2017
Students from I.E.S. Arturo Soria visit CIB within the program "Ciencia en el Barrio"

As part of the program "Ciencia en el Barrio", last February 8th a group of students of the fourth year of Compulsory Secondary Education and first year of High School Diploma from I.E.S. Arturo Soria together with two of their teachers visited CIB.

These students had the chance to know about the research areas which are developed at CIB and visit some of our scientific facilities, where they learned the way these techniques work and saw examples of their application to solve different problems of interest.

The program "Ciencia en el Barrio" is promoted by the Deputy Vice-President of Scientific Culture-CSIC and counts on the financial support of FECYT. 


Pictures: Ciencia en el Barrio-CSIC

Video about the project activities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-_Bg56nuTc