24 Apr 2018
The microgravity of the Moon or Mars and the hypergravity in exoplanets alters the size of their cells
23 Apr 2018
It goes on sale on April 23rd and has been written by Drs. Nuria Campillo and Carmen Fernández
20 Apr 2018
The research is led by Dr. Ana Martínez, in collaboration with Drs. Fernando de Castro and Enrique J. de la Rosa
19 Apr 2018
IBISBA 1.0 was launched on 21/02/2018 in Toulouse (France) and will work as a Pan-European community of research infrastructures
12 Apr 2018
Manipulation in this route might help to prevent fungal pathogenicity to plants and humans
28 Mar 2018
In low doses, methotrexate limits inflammatory responses by increasing A20 protein levels
23 Mar 2018
The specific loss of this protein, p110a, in T cells favors the antitumor response
12 Mar 2018
The illustrated work includes the contributions of more than 90 women inventors who remained invisible through history
08 Mar 2018
PPAR helps macrophages to switch from a pro-inflammatory to an anti-inflammatory state and its regulation shapes their transcriptional signature