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The laboratory “Mechanisms of Action of Antitumour Drugs” (formerly known as “Cell Stress and Cell Death”) was established approximately fifteen years ago, to investigate different aspects of the control of cell differentiation, cell death, and the stress response. Our present interest is mainly focussed on the mechanism of regulation and execution of cell death (apoptotic and necrotic) induced by metal/metalloid-based antitumour drugs, and the generation of strategies to improve the clinical efficacy of these drugs.

At present, the nucleus of team is formed by a Senior Scientist, a Technician (with the academic degree of Licenciate), a Postdoctoral fellow, and three Ph. D. students. We also benefit from the collaboration of researchers from the Department of Inorganic Chemistry (Universidad Autónoma, Madrid), and the Departments of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Analytical Chemistry (Universidad Complutense, Madrid).



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Sánchez Y, Amrán D, de Blas E, Aller P  [2010]. Arsenic trioxide as an anti tumour agent. Mechanisms of action and strategies of sensitization. J Appl Biomed 8:199-208



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