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Our aim is to provide knowledge-based insights and novel tools for managing arthropods of agricultural and medical relevance. The multidisciplinary composition of the group (ecology, physiology and molecular biology) allows a holistic approach for the implementation of Integrated Pest Management strategies, a key issue to increase food security, environmental quality and public health.


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Funding Agencies

AGL2016-76516-R (MINECO) (2016-2019)

AGL2015-73235-JIN (MINECO) (2016-2019)

AGL2015-64825-R (MINECO) (2016-2018)

JPI- FACCE Era Net Plus Ref 618105 (EC) (2015-2017)

AGL2013-42632-R (MINECO) (2014-2017)

TSN- JRC/SVQ/2014/J.4/0016/OC (TSN - JRC/EC) (2014-2015)

AGL2012-34289 (MINECO) (2013-2015)

50204160071 (ALK-Abelló) (2016)

20158477 (FMC Corporation) (2015-2017)

050204120098 (Monsanto Europe SA) (2012-2017)

50204120109 (ALK-Abelló) (2012-2015)


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