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Our goal is to study plant-virus interactions under a global perspective. By using gene expression profiling tools, metabolomics and bioinformatics we deduce cellular processes and regulatory pathways linked to the infection process. Interestingly, most of the virus-induced responses in plants include a vast array of stress responses devoted to maintain cellular homeostasis during stress. Despite plant viruses cause major economic losses worldwide by reducing crop yields and quality, little is known about the precise mechanisms that determine virus:host compatibility and disease. In this scenario, regulation of stress- and virus-responsive genes largely depends on fine-tuned interactions with the host RNA silencing machinery. As a result, RNA silencing ultimately facilitates the development of systemic infection while preventing the detrimental effect of virus overproduction. Thus, RNA silencing represents a complex matrix of gene regulation that shapes the outcome of virus infections and helps to maintain a subtle equilibrium between virus multiplication and host integrity. We postulate that viruses use virus-responsive, RNA silencing-associated small RNAs (sRNAs) to modulate the expression of host genes. Among the regulatory targets both host transcripts and chromosomal DNA can be controlled. In our lab, we use microarray hybridization- and high-throughput sequencing-based degradome studies to elucidate post-transcriptional RNA silencing networks activated upon virus infection. Furthermore, bisulfate-based deep sequencing enables genomic scale-identification of transcriptionally repressive marks in the form of methylated chromosomal DNA. Upon identification of target sequences, we study how epigenetic modifications influence gene expression and how they evolve in the plant in response to viral infection.



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César Llave Correas
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Irene Guzman Benito
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1. Biodiversity and functional genomics of endogenous small RNAs induced upon biotic and abiotic stresses in plants (plasmar). Ref: GEN2003-20222-CO2-00. MCYT / GENOPLANTE / GABI. 2004-2006. 204.700 €. César Llave (PI)


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