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Main research focus in our lab is the characterization of cell adhesion, migration and invasion in response to chemokines, both under physiological and pathological conditions.


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- Imaging, genomics and proteomics analyses of B cell hematological tumor progression

S2010/BMD-2314. Biomedicina. Comunidad de Madrid. 2012-2016

Principal Investigator, Joaquin Teixido Calvo

- Spanish Network of Cooperative Research in Cancer

Ministry of Health RD12/0036/0061 (2012-2017)

Principal Investigator, Joaquin Teixido Calvo

- Characterization of molecular pathways controlling cell motility in leukocyte trafficking and tumor cell invasion

SAF2014-53059-R: 2015-2017

Principal Investigator, Joaquin Teixidó


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