The DEPARTMENT OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY focuses on understanding the cell, the basic unit of Life. This Department gathers laboratories whose research interests span fundamental processes at the core of cell organization and function: the arrangement, replication and stability of genomes, epigenetics in gene expression, intracellular traffic, cell division, differentiation and evolution, and cellular recycling through programmed death. These studies converge with bottom-up endeavours, such as exploring the interactions between cells and biomaterials or the reconstruction and engineering of macromolecular assemblies. The model systems used to study these processes range from unicellular microorganisms, both bacteria and fungi, to mammalian cells and animal models. Our approaches are interdisciplinary, a watermark of CIB Margarita Salas, and bridge methodologies ranging from advanced optical and electron microscopies to functional genomics, with strong inputs from molecular biology, biophysics and synthetic biology.