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The Translational medicinal and biological chemistry group is focused on the design, synthesis, biological evaluation, study and further optimization of pharmacokinetic properties of structurally diverse chemical entities for drug discovery. The efforts of our group are focused on the discovery of innovative drugs with novel mechanism of action as disease-modifying agents for unmet severe pathologies such as neurodegenerative and infectious diseases. Our group applies medicinal chemistry programs combining classical and computational medicinal chemistry.

For the design of our drugs (mainly small heterocyclic molecules with MW<500), different strategies will be used. These include computer-aided drug design, multifunctional compounds bearing different pharmacophore moieties in the same molecule to interact with different targets, and improving ADME properties of the candidates, among others. The group has developed an in-house chemical library (called MBC library) containing over 1200 compounds with privileged scaffolds which is continuously growing and extensively used in our directed biological and computational screening programs.

Our research is applied with a high content of translational research. The group's research programs are designed from the early stages of drug discovery to proof of efficacy in representative animal models. Scientific collaborations and technology transfer to companies in the pharmaceutical sector are key tasks in achieving our goals.

We are members of different national and international excellent research networks and infrastructures such as EU-OPENSCREEN ( and CIBERNED ( Furthermore, we have found two spin-offs focused on drug discovery and development: AnkarPharma and AItenea biotech.






From fragments to high affinity binders interfacing integrated structural biology, medicinal chemistry and artificial intelligence - Fragment-Screen (GA 101094131). European Union HORIZON-INFRA-2022-TECH-01-01. 2-2023/1/2026. Coordinator: Prof Harald Schwalbe (INSTRUCT-ERIC). CIB-CSIC IP: Dr. Ana Martínez

Integrated Services for Infectious Disease Outbreak Research - ISIDORe (GA 101046133). European Union HORIZON-INFRA-2021-EMERGENCY-02. 1-2022/12-2024. Coordinator: ERINHA

Integrated Services supporting a sustainable AGROecological transition - AgroServ (GA 101058020). European Union HORIZON-INFRA-2021-SERV-01-02. 9-2022/8-2027. Coordinator: CNRS

Broad-spectrum antiviral drug discovery focused on kinases targeting viral entry (PID2021-122223OB-I00). AEI, Proyectos de Generación de Conocimiento. 9-2022/8-2025. PI: Dr. Carmen Gil

TTBK1 inhibitors as a potential innovative treatment for frontotemporal dementia (DTS22/00119 I). ISCIII, Proyectos Desarrollo Tecnológico de Salud. “Prueba de Concepto 2022”. 1-2023/12-2024. PI: Dr. Ana Martínez

Fighting against Parkinson's Disease with SGK1 inhibitors (PDC2022-133774-I00). AEI. Proyectos Prueba de Concepto 2022. 12-2022/112024. PI: Dr Ana Martinez

Innovative small molecules for in vitro plant propagation of recalcitrant crop species - ISMoPP (CPP2021-008750). AEI, Proyectos de Colaboración Público privada 2021. 10-2022/09-2025. Coordinator: Francisco José Bermúdez (Seeds for Innovation S. L). CSIC-PI: Dr. Pilar S. Testillano

In vitro regeneration of resilient trees to recover agroforestry ecosystems threatened by the climate change: new strategies with small molecules - SMALLtoREFOREST (TED2021-129633B-I00). AEI, Proyectos estratégicos orientados a la transición ecológica y a la transición digital 2021. 12-2022/11-2024. PI: Dr. Pilar S. Testillano

Desarrollo de un marco basado en inteligencia artificial para acelerar el desarrollo de fármacos (TED2021-129970B-C21). AEI, Proyectos estratégicos orientados a la transición ecológica y a la transición digital 2021. 12-2022/11-2024. IP: Dr. Nuria E. Campillo

Validation of a cellular model of host-pathogen interaction based on iPSCs for the screening of drugs that block this interaction (ProyExcel_00116). Plan Andaluz de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación (PAIDI 2020). Convocatoria 2021. «Proyectos de I+D+i» Universidades y Entidades Públicas de Investigación. Retos de la Sociedad Andaluza. 1-2023/12-2025. PI: Dr. Younes Smani

CSIC’s Global Health Platform (PTI Global Health). WP4 (Mutations), WP9 (Antivirals) and WP11 (Integration). European Commission – NextGenerationEU (Regulation EU 2020/2094). 2021-2023. Coordinators: Drs. Margarita del Val and Iñaki Comas

CSIC’s Neuroaging Platform (PTI Neuroaging). WP4 (Development of Neuroaging). European Commission – NextGenerationEU (Regulation EU 2020/2094). 2021-2023. Coordinators: Drs. Juan Lerma and Rosario Moratalla

Targeting TDP-43 with protein kinase inhibitors: an effective and measurable therapy for ALS (HR21-00931). “La Caixa” Banking Foundation Health Research 2021 Call. 11-2021/10-2024. Coordinator: Dr. Ana Martínez

A multidisciplinary approach to understand host and pathogen interactions to develop new strategies to target tuberculosis (HR21-00415). “La Caixa” Banking Foundation Health Research 2021 Call. 9-2021/8-2024. Coordinator: Dr. Margarida Saravia, i3S Portugal. PI (CIB): Dr. Carmen Gil

Modulation of the CB2 cannabinoid receptor as a new therapeutic strategy to protect against TAU-induced neurodegeneration. Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán El Bueno Foundation. 2021-2023. PI: Dr. Isabel Lastres

Aging and neurodegeneration targeting by protein kinase small molecules inhibitors (PID2019-105600RB-I00). AEI, RETOS Program. 6-2020/5-2023. PI: Dr. Ana Martinez

Multi-target drug design against neurodegenerative diseases (REDES190074). CONICYT, Chile. 1-2020/12-2023. PI: Dr. David Mauricio Ramirez. PI (CSIC): Dr. Ana Martínez

Ensuring long-term sustainability of excellence in chemical biology within Europe and beyond EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE (GA 823893). European Union H2020-INFRADEV-2018-2020. 2-2019/9-2023. Coordinator: Prof. Wolfgang Fecke (FMP Berlin). PI (CSIC): Dr. Ana Martínez

Locking cells against Ebola virus (HR18-00469). “La Caixa” Banking Foundation Health Research 2019 Call. 9-2019/9-2023. Coordinator: Dr. Carmen Gil

Myogenic alterations in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: etiological and therapeutic implications (PIER-0006-2019). Consejería de Salud y Familias 2019. Fundación Pública Andaluza Progreso y Salud. 1-2020/12-2023. PI: Dr. Carmen Paradas. PI (CSIC): Dr. Ana Martínez

Design and Synthesis of broad-spectrum antivirals (PIE-201980E024). CSIC, Proyectos Intramurales Especiales. 1-2019/6-2023. PI: Dr. Carmen Gil


Design and development of innovative drug for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ELA-Madrid-CM) B2017/BMD3813. Programa de actividades de i+D entre grupos de investigación de la Comunidad de Madrid en Biomedicina. 01-2018/6-2022. Coordinator: Dr. Ana Martínez

Combination of computational, biological and synthetic strategies to be applied in drug development (RTI2018-096100B-100). MINECO, RETOS Program. 1-2019/9-2022. IP: Dr. Nuria E. Campillo

DRIVE: Driving next generation autophagy researchers towards translation (MSCA-ITN-ETN GA: 765912). European Union H2020. 11-2017/ 0-2021. Coordinator: Dr. Fulvio Regiori. PI (CSIC): Dr. Ana Martínez

Development of PIKfyve inhibitors as broad-spectrum antivirals (CSIC-COV19-222). CSIC. 12-2020/12-2021. PI: Dr. Carmen Gil

Target- and ligand-based drug repurposing to control SARS-CoV-2 (CSIC-COVID19-015). CSIC. 4-2020/4-2021. PI: Dr. Carmen Gil

Multitarget-designed small molecules targeting protein kinase and BACE1: A new approach for prevention and treatment of cognitive disorders (SAF2016-76693-R). MINECO, RETOS Program. 1-2017/12-2020. PI: Dr. Ana Martinez


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Title: ¿Qué sabemos del Alzheimer?
Ana Martinez
Editorial: CSIC y Catarata ISBN: 978-84-00-08818-7

Title: ¿Qué sabemos del Parkinson?
Carmen Gil y Ana Martinez
Editorial: CSIC y Catarata ISBN: 978-0-470-95917-6.

Title: ¿Qué sabemos de cómo se fabrica un medicamento?
Nuria E. Campillo y María del Carmen Fernández
Editorial: CSIC y Catarata ISBN: 978-84-00-10324-8.

Title: Nuevos usos para viejos medicamentos
Nuria E. Campillo, María del Carmen Fernández and María Mercedes Jiménez
Editorial: CSIC and Catarata ISBN: 978-84-1352-298-2.


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