One of the missions at the CIB Margarita Salas-CSIC consists in making available to society the knowledge and the research results generated in our research center. Thus, we aim to convert our basic research findings into tangible applications, either through the generation and licensing of intellectual property, and/or through the generation of spin-off companies. Currently the CIB Margarita Salas has 8 EBTs considered CSIC spin-offs: Secugen, Protein alternatives, Lifesequencing (now ADM-Lifesequencing), Ankar Pharma, Abvance Biotech, Arrays for Cell Nanodevices (A4CELL), Microbial Biosystems and AItenea Biotech. In addition, HelpRare is in the process to become a EBT in the coming months and we also had recently the spin-off ProRetina Therapeutics, which closed last year (2007-2019).


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