This Service is organized into three Areas, with the following responsibilities:


Communications and Network Electronics

  • Wide Area: Internet gateway (Cisco-IOS) programming. Remote control of the radiolink & Cisco router wide-area electronics. Serving the whole CSIC campus at UCM (CIB, networks /21 and /27; CENIM, network /23; IF, network /24; INB, network /26).
  • Local Area: Networks /21 and /27. Electronics remote control operation. Network operation management & programming. Management console maintenance.


  • Border security: Firewall/IDS programming & management. Definition and implementation of detection policies and filters. Remote control of both hosts. Detailed traffic statistics. Serving the whole CSIC campus at the UCM.
  • Intranet security: Design and implementation of the inner security console. Remote control of its operation. Reports on scanning for security holes and forbidden actions. Authorized hosts park control by means of automatic, permanent network checkings.

Server Management

  • Electronic Mail: Installation, configuration & management. Specification of working policies. More than 560 mail accounts, 21 mailing lists with a web interface for the end users. Anti-virus, anti-spam. Remote control of operation, performance, user accounting and security issues. 3 MTAs, 2 MDAs, 1 control and logs server.
  • DHCP: Configuration server. Installation, configuration & management. Remote control operation. The system is made of two servers, the second one for online backup tasks and both automatically serving the same configurations. High availability.
  • DNS: Internet domain-name server. Installation, configuration & management. Remote control operation. Primary and slave servers integrating automatic control of each other´s operation. Domain hosting & management (,, High availability.
  • WINS: NetBios name-server. Installation, configuration & management.
  • WAN gateway to access intranet e-mail: Installation, configuration & management. Remote control operation. Access through secure web and ssh tunnels.
  • Fileserver http of Internet area. Installation, configuration & management. Antivirus. Access through secure web.
  • NTP: Installation, configuration & management. E-mail timestamps, time synchronization for server logs and other hosts.
  • Webserver of temp files: Installation, configuration & management. Antivirus, automatic clean of old files. For interchange of big files.
  • Norman: Network antivirus. Installation, configuration & management.
  • OLD SAICI: Administrative network server. Installation & configuration. Hosting & remote control operation. Server management. Support to the administrative network users.
  • Library: Installation & configuration. Hosting & remote control operation. Server management. Support to the library staff.

Other prerogatives

  • Development of technical specifications for WAN communications, LAN infrastructure and electronics, border and intranet security, and information systems. Tracking of the implementation of scheduled projects.
  • Studies for the implementation of new services and improvement of the existing ones.


Network User Support

  • Host integration: Support to Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Irix, Solaris and JetDirect-based systems, lab equipment, and user switches. Lesser equipment installation. About 700 hosts.
  • Networking Software: Installation & configuration of network services and apps.
  • Network troubleshooting: Networking software and diagnosis in faults of network equipment.

Other prerogatives

  • Communications Area backup.
  • Support to the administrative network user terminals.


Software Support for users

  • Installation & maintenance of general purpose CIB/CSIC-licensed microcomputing software.




    Before supporting, users must fill a Service order.