The Radiologic Protection Service (RPS) is one of the common facilities supporting the research at the CIB.

The main functions of the service are: to control the use of radiolabelled material and/or of the ionizing radiation sources at the CIB, the  help and advice to the different research groups in the field of radiological protection (RP) and to assess the compliance of the rules according to the legal normative dictated by the official organisms involved in Radioactive Protection (Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear, Comunidad de Madrid, ENRESA).

The radioactive facility of the CIB consists of the following dependences:

-Hot Chamber with places for the exclusive handling of ß and γ radioisotopes,  and area of aliquot provision, cell culture area, storage areas for the radiolabeled compounds, and  equipment for the exclusive handling of radioactive materials.

-Laboratories with places exclusively authorized for the handling of radioactive material- these are distributed all over the different floors of the CIB.

- X Rays Equipment

-  X Rays Difractometer

- ß and γ scintillation counter room.

- Stores for radioactive waste. Two independent  storesfor ß andγ wastes generated in the hot chamber, and a general store for radioactive wastes generated in other dependences.

The radioactive isotopes authorized at the CIB are: 3H, 14C, 33P, 45Ca, 35S, 32P, 125I, 51Cr, 86Rb and uranile salts.

The Radioactive Protection at the CIB is carried out by controlling:

  • Radioactive Material.-
    • Acquisiton of radioactive precursors through commercial providers
    • Admission of radioactive material in the CIB
    • Radioactive material handling, in the hot chamber, as well as in the laboratories.
    • Radioactive waste handling: generation, evacuation and removal.
  • X Ray Emission Equipments
    • Absence of radiationleakage.
    • Handling of theequipments.
  • RI (Radioactive Installation) Dependences
    • Design, modification and closing of the different  dependences.
    • Measures of Radioactive Protection (RP) existing at the different dependences.
    • Control of the access to the hot chamber.
    • Control of contamination levels and/or radiation in the dependences and equipments.
  • CIB staff.-
    • Training in RP of the new incorporated staff.
    • Permission to become professionally exposed at the CIB.
    • Radiological surveillance of the exposed personnel.
    • Dosimetry historials
    • Operator and Supervisor Official Licenses.




Technical Staff
Marta Cebrián Echarri

More Info

The RPS has edited a Manual on Radiological Protection (MRP) where the operative rules of the RPS are collected, under normal circumstances and in emergency cases. To become registered as staff to work with radioactivity at the CIB, is necessary to know and to comply with all the rules established in the MRP. MRP is available at Direction, RPS and at the authorized laboratories.