Spectroscopy Laboratory facilitates the application of various spectroscopic techniques to the Center´s research groups.

The equipments in the Facility are:

- UV-VIS spectrophotometer Cary 4000 Precision, Varian.

- UV-VIS spectrophotometer Evolution 300, de Thermo Scientific.

- Spectropolarimeter (dichrograph) Jasco J-720.

- Spectropolarimeter (dichrograph) Jasco J-815.

- Spectrophotometer Fourier Transform Infrared. Jasco FT/IR-4200

- Modular Spectrofluorometer Fluorolog, Jobin Yvon – Spex.

- Modular ´stopped flow´ system, Bio-Logic.



Spectroscopy facility assists users with the handling of equipments and provides formation for instruments operation. The Facility offers assistance to every kind of user, from assistance in the use of a particular instrument to the design of experiments to address a particular problem.

Moreover, the facility supervises the maintenance of the different equipments assuring that they are always in good operation.


Users can book the required equipment in the intranet calendar:


External users should contact the facility in the e-mail:



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For questions about the Spectroscopy Facility contact Ruth Matesanz by phone (#442676) or in the email address espectroscopia@cib.csic.es