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Main research focus in our lab is the characterization of immune cell adhesion, migration and differentiation, and the identification of molecular mechanisms of cancer cell resistance 



Cell migration and cancer

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García-Bernal D, Redondo-Muñoz J, Dios-Esponera A, Chèvre R, Bailón E, Garayoa M, Arellano-Sánchez N, Gutiérrez NC, Hidalgo A, García-Pardo A, Teixidó J  [2013]. Sphingosine-1-phosphate activates chemokine-promoted myeloma cell adhesion and migration involving α4β1 integrin function. J Pathol 229: 36-48



- Characterization of molecular mechanisms involved in thymocyte development and in melanoma cell resistance to MAP quinase inhibitors.

PID2020-116291RB-I00. 2021-2024. PI, Joaquin Teixidó 

- Characterization of molecular mechanisms involved in migration, survival and resistance to chemotherapy in multiple myeloma and melanoma. 

SAF2017-85146-R: 2018-2020. PI: Joaquin Teixidó

- Imaging, genomics and proteomics analyses of B cell hematological tumor progression

S2010/BMD-2314. Biomedicina. Comunidad de Madrid. 2012-2016. PI: Joaquin Teixido 


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