20 Mar 2019
It aims to develop research and innovation activities focused on plastic production processes and their recycling
15 Mar 2019
Forces in focal adhesions applied to FAK can induce conformational changes which trigger signalling
08 Mar 2019
Activation of the IGF-1R-MEK5-Erk5 signaling pathway opposes pharmacologic inhibition of Erk1/2 in melanoma, leading to the reactivation of cell proliferation and acquired resistance
05 Mar 2019
The levels vary according to the ocular tissue studied and the stage of embryonic development or adult
28 Feb 2019
Funds were donated by ASHUA trough a Prize awarded by Bankinter to this Patient Association
26 Feb 2019
Cryo-EM structures at near-atomic resolution were obtained for E. Coli helicase-loader complexes with and without DNA
22 Feb 2019
The International Day of Women and Girls in Science promotes the participation of women in education, science and technology
19 Feb 2019
This gene has revealed itself as a contributor to CLL cell adhesion, migration and arrest and therefore a potential therapeutic target
11 Feb 2019
Enterotoxins produced during outbreak have distinct DNA damaging and microtubule stabilizing activities