Dr. Mª del Valle Palomo Ruiz awarded with “la Caixa” ‘Junior Leader – Retaining’ fellowship
28 Feb 2018
Dr. Valle Palomo awarded with “la Caixa” ‘Junior Leader – Retaining’ fellowship

”la Caixa” ‘Junior leader – Retaining Postdoctoral’ Program was created to allow excellent researchers—of any nationality and any research field—who wish to establish their research career in the Spanish territory, to work at any university or research centre of the country. Candidates were selected according to the originality and significance of their contributions in their corresponding scientific discipline, together with demonstrated leadership skills to head their own research group.

Dr. Valle Palomo, “Juan de la Cierva” postdoctoral researcher at the Translational Medicinal and Biological Chemistry Group at the Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas department of Structural and Chemical Biology, has been awarded within this fellowship program. During the selection process a total of ten grants were given, out of 199 applications, where she was appointed among the four proposals granted in her panel, corresponding to the Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering area.

Her proposal is focused in the use of luminescent nanoparticles as a platform to discover efficient drugs for motoneuron diseases and contribute to the molecular unravelling of these pathologies. The research project will be funded with a total of 300.000 euros for three years.

The fellowship also includes a complementary program intended to consolidate research skills and to foster an independent scientific career, focusing in training on transversal skills, innovation and leadership.