Dr. Sonsoles Martín Santamaría
08 Mar 2018
Sonsoles Martín Santamaría, elected as new RSEQ Secretary General

The Royal Society of Chemistry of Spain (RSEQ) has celebrated last January elections to partially renew its Governing Board. Dr. Sonsoles Martín Santamaría, Principal Investigator at CIB-CSIC leading the group of Computational Chemical Biology in the Department of Structural and Chemical Biology, was elected the new Secretary General, being the first woman to serve at this position.

Martín-Santamaría accompanied in the winning candidacy to Prof. Antonio M. Echavarren, from Institute Català d’Investigació Química (ICIQ) who was designated as the new RSEQ President.

The RSEQ is one of the most important scientific societies in Spain, with a long tradition of over 100 years of existence and more than four thousand members coming from academia, secondary school and industry, working in all areas of chemistry, ranging from organic and organometallic chemistry to nanochemistry and chemical biology.