The book ‘Cómo se fabrica un medicamento’ has been published within the collection 'Qué sabemos de'
23 Apr 2018
The book ‘Cómo se fabrica un medicamento’ has been published within the collection 'Qué sabemos de'

The book "Cómo se fabrica un medicamento: del laboratorio a la farmacia" written by Drs. Nuria Campillo and Carmen Fernández is put on sale on April 23rd 2018, as part of the collection "Qué sabemos de".

Having a drug on the market to treat a disease is almost a steeplechase that requires multiple stages and several years through which an initial molecule develops and evolves into a medicine. It is also an expensive process, since the average cost to research and develop each drug is estimated at one billion euros, compared to the probability that a drug will pass all tests successfully, which is less than 12%.
Starting with a brief historical evolution of the use of drugs, the book answers questions such as: what is the initial seed from which a drug is generated? How do we know that the medicine cures? What an active ingredient is? In addition, the search processes for the therapeutic target are described informatively, as well as their identification and validation, the development of bioactive compounds and the process of birth of a lead compound and the preclinical phases that the drug candidate must complete before it gets into clinical studies in humans. Without forgetting the essential ethical and legislative aspects that this long process entails.

The editorial line "Qué sabemos de" brings to a broad audience key issues of scientific research through short and affordable texts prepared by CSIC scientists and is the result of the agreement between the CSIC and the Editorial “Los libros de la Catarata”.


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