Autophagy is a field of current intense investigation although the tools to its study in tissues and in vivo are still quite scarce. My laboratory is pioneer in the development of new methods to study autophagic flux in vivo and in several tissues including the mouse retina. We are also interested selective autophagy, such as mitophagy, where mitochondria are specifically targeted for degradation inside lysosomes. We have recently developed a new quantitative method to asses mitophagy flux by flow cytometry in cells and tissues.
We have several joint research projects with companies to find new therapeutic agents, targeting autophagy for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. For that we have developed screening methods to search for new autophagy regulators that could provide new therapies in the future. In addition, our research has resulted in three patents and I we participate in the spinoff, ProRetina Therapeutics, a company aimed at developing new cures for retinal dystrophies. We would like to continue the collaborations with the private sector to try to find new therapies for human diseases based on autophagic pathways. 



Selected Publications 

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