24 Sep 2018
Dr. Enrique J. de la Rosa has edited the book “Therapies for Retinal Degeneration: Targeting Common Processes”

Dr. Enrique J. de la Rosa, researcher at the Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas, has edited together with Prof. Thomas G. Cotter (University College Cork) the book “Therapies for Retinal Degeneration: Targeting Common Processes”, which has been published by The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Sight loss and blindness is a very prevalent cause of disability. Retinal diseases leading to visual loss affect many people worldwide and the search for adequate drugs remains a challenge and an important area of interest in the drug discovery field. This book collects approaches from 14 international research groups from Europe and North America to the treatment of retinal diseases, targeting common processes and components.

Despite the causative origins of severe visual dysfunction, which comprise genetic dystrophies (such as retinitis pigmentosa, among others), age-related degenerations (macular degeneration), as well as pathologies associated with other diseases (diabetic retinopathy), a neurodegenerative component appears, sooner or later, in the course of the disease. Similarly to most neurodegenerative diseases, the available treatments are far from satisfactory. The aim of this book is to highlight research and drug development efforts in targeting such common processes as a potential path to provide treatments to the millions of affected people.

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Reference: Therapies for Retinal Degeneration: Targeting Common Processes. Editors: Enrique J. de la Rosa, Thomas G. Cotter. The Royal Society of Chemistry (2019). http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/9781788013666