Dr. Rodrigo Bermejo gets a Leonardo Scholarship
08 Aug 2018
Dr. Rodrigo Bermejo awarded with a "Beca Leonardo"

Dr. Rodrigo Bermejo, researcher at the Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas, has been awarded by the BBVA Foundation with a Leonardo Scholarship for Researchers and Cultural Creators in the area of Biology, Environmental and Earth Sciences, granted to the project "Employment of breakthrough genomic methodologies for the study of the chromosome integrity maintenance during replication".

Dr. Bermejo, principal investigator of the DNA Replication and Genome Integrity group, will focus on the study of DNA topoisomerases and their role in the protection of replication forks, fragile structures that can put in risk the integrity of the genome if errors arise during their function, triggering the accumulation of mutations and other chromosomal aberrations that promote the development of cancer.

In the 2018 edition of the Leonardo Scholarship for Cultural Researchers and Creators, a total of 1521 applications were received, out of which 64 grants have been awarded. From those, five correspond to the area of Biology, Environmental Sciences and Earth, where Dr. Rodrigo Bermejo's project has been selected.

More information (in spanish): https://www.redleonardo.es/beneficiario/rodrigo-bermejo-moreno/